Chandra Anamirtham, PhD

Dr. Chandramogan Anamirtham is an engineer by profession, completed his Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and practiced in the fast-paced and cutting edge industry of data storage. He obtained his masters degree in Advance Business Management from the University of South Australia and finished his Ph.D. in the Philippines at EARIST Technical College, specializing in Public Administration. He was conferred with the Doctor of Humanity Honoris Causa by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as granted by University of Batangas.

His career started in 1995 as an engineer at Seagate Technologies, USA. He then moved to Quantum Corporations, Indonesia, then to Western Digital Thailand as an Engineering Manager and finally to the Philippines as Vice President of Operations in TDK. In 2007, he joined Hitachi Global Technologies Philippines Corp. as Vice President of Operations and was promoted in 2009 as President and General Manager, a position which he holds up to the present at HGST Philippines Corp. He is also HGST’s acting Head Component Group VP for Operations.

Further, Chandra fosters continuous learning among his employees and constantly demonstrates his advocacy that “CSR starts at home” – a structured social responsibility program focused on the company’s stakeholders specially the employees.