Gary de Ocampo

Gary has been with TNS for close to two decades. He honed his technical skills in statistics in the university where he graduated magna cum laude, and in his first work experience with the Government Corporate Monitoring and Coordinating Committee under the Office of the President and the Corporate Affairs Group of the Department of Finance.

Gary went on to apply these skills to marketing research when he joined Frank Small & Associates where he rose from the ranks through 10 years of various company incarnations due to mergers and acquisitions until he assumed the role of Managing Director of TNS Philippines in 2008.

Gary used to champion the brand health and advertising tracking practice as well as the stakeholder management practice at TNS Philippines.
He has wide experience in doing both qualitative and quantitative research across various industries – fast moving consumer goods, banking and finance, consumer healthcare and automotive as well as political and social.

Gary served as president of the Marketing and Opinion Research Society (MORES) in 2009.